Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gustakhi Maaf: An Engineer testimony

Being enrolled in a four year degree course which would have not taken more than 2 years to accomplished if our policy makers would have thought out of the box resulted in mine writing this open letter to the Director-cum Principal of my college. 

Claimer: The post written here after is not a work of fiction. Any resemblance with dead or going to be dead (most likely to be me; thanks to all those scorching sycophants) is purely justifiable.

Sir, with due respect to your position (fair enough to ruin my career) and your age (fair enough to search Yatra.com) please bear with my impudence. It took my conscious more than 3 years and lots of humiliation to finally wake up to muster courage to pen my emotions. I wish you would have mustered the same amount of firmness and willingness to improve which could have laid me to suspend this self immolation task. Nevertheless, everything happens for good as your failure to curtail the wrongs gifted my blog a post to admire for long. 

Have you any idea about the crumbling situation of the college most scientific, modern and engrossing engineering branch? Please stop scratching your head… it has already been nominated for the best cricketing pitch! What, you aren’t able to figure it out the branch name I’m talking off? Mr. Genius, its Electronics & Instrumentation engineering whose students once were referred to as the extra intelligent engineers. Haven’t you noticed the apathy of the college faculty when I used the abbreviation ‘once’? Kindly have an introspection session with the faculty of the respective branch or gear up for the rebellious strike. Let the morons know that the custom of attendance in the lecture comes secondary to the duty of imparting knowledge. 

Dear sir I won’t leave you like that, it took me around 2 weeks and lots of courage to pen down the post. Have you ever been to the college canteen? I will suggest you not to try the daring task of entering it, if the answer to the above question is in negation. I know that the inflation is on a constant geometric rise in the country but then how can you justify the price of a single maggi as Rs. 25 when it hardly comes for Rs 10 in the market?  I always thought that MRP was something beyond which a shopkeeper can’t charge you even a single penny. But then the whole notion of MRP has been modified and transformed into LRP which stand for the Least Retail Price. Aren’t you aware of the fact that the canteen manager charges above the MRP? Please don’t nod your head again in negation, it sucks.

These were the two points a student can bear with, but what about the placements, a dream every student envisioned. Campus placements not only brightens up the career prospective of a student but also laden her/him with sense of pride and belongingness to the institute. Time and again I was told that the instrumentation engineering is the core of all industries as majority of them are switching to automation techniques for the production. Then why I’m left on the mercy of joint campus placements? Why I’m always asked to look for major IT companies setting aside my own core industries? 

Sir try to teach the faculty art of effective teaching, let them know that teaching if guided by favoritism results in an adverse effect in the mind and soul of a student which could jeopardize the country future as the students are the building blocks of a nation. Merit and not regional background must be kept in mind while rewarding the grades. 

Awake you soul and reason the post.


  1. Its the same story everywhere Rachit. Faculty mainly coming just to take attendance, canteen prices soaring high but leaves us with no option coz the Univ is situated in a totally alien land with no hotels around and also partiality.

    Just imagine! I am stuck in a 5 yr course but guess what next April i am freeee!

    Also in my Univ, campus placements r not luked after by the Univ. We students form and committee and call firms n companies and ask them to come for campus thing. Yeh I am in a Law school!

  2. Wehn i was a student those were the golden days..
    nowadays its all become a farse i think.

    I was nevera bright student to placements were not my cup of tea..

    I dont understand the prising structure though ...


  3. Does maggi know about it? Sure your principal / director appear to be least bothered. Hope your post brings about a change in the system.

  4. Very nice appeal. Hope your dept head or someone else hears it and take care of your department. You have raised very pertinent points which I affect every engineer passing out of the engineering college . Kudos!!!

    One thing though. I don't thing EE are smarter than Mining Engineers. Have you ever studied longwall mining in underground mining but I have studied transistors and diodes ;). Disclaimer: I am a mining engineer ;)

  5. Very valid points Rachit...I am sure the budding Engg will echo your thoughts.

  6. hii

    This post, although seems funny prima facie, is quite deep and sensible

    Our education system sucks big time and needs an urgent change.

    keep writing!

  7. hehe its like u added my frustration too to ur write...its seriously same story everywhr...fees hike n change zero...n takin abt teachin....i just cant say a word abt tat....last week i relized out of all permant profs we have our princi...a iitb student is the worst one...all i do in his lecture is try to keep my self awake by counting his 200 "so on"s in 2 hrs......n talkin abt companies in 1 yr i ll forget if electronic n telecomn companies exist.......

  8. Red Handed: Good for the college as students take up the placement thing in their own hand. And me too getting pass out in couple of months. Keep coming back :)

    Bikram: yeah back then there was a different Guru Shishya relationship.. and prices.. ufff someone please keep a tap on them .

    Vathuthasti: Thanks :)

  9. Anuradha K P: Nestle people would sue the canteen incharge for defamation case if they get a slight hint of it. Hope for the best.. :)

    Ashvini: I'm from EIE.. and even automation in miming needs us :D Keep coming back :)

    Alka: Good to see you ma'am here. Same story everywhere.. may all the engineers echo with me.

    AS: quite true.. Indian education system sucks a big time. Keep coming back :)

    Vaisakhi: Sames story everywhere.

  10. Hi Rachit that's thoughtful.. brought my many memories back.:)

    @hese were the two points a student can bear with, but what about the placements, a dream every student envisioned. Campus placements not only brightens up the career prospective of a student but also laden her/him with sense of pride and belongingness to the institute.

    That's truly a belongingness..

    Thanks for the post.. happy Dussera..

  11. the principal has recently changed...it will take tym...
    2nd think...companies CSE ya IT ki bhi nai aati..we have 2 go 4 joint campus...which goes in vain...
    and rachit....dis is cndition of all coleges....of not iet....
    canteen: its btr 2 go 2 mianpur 2 have lnch den in canteen...coz small amt of lunch has a cost like v reating in a hotel...

  12. my god...that's a crappy situation to be in..let's hope "sir" finds a solution soon-and your prayers are heard...

    yes, it does take a lot of courage to voice all this:-)

  13. u unleashed the most common traits of teachers these days...
    u knw wat irritates more is that even after behaving like this Teachers expect us to respect them.

    I know there are still some very good teachers, but u can count them on fingures... very rare.

    fantatsic read !!

  14. Id make u feel a lil better with this - 'we dont have a proper canteen in our college inspite of being one of the best in the country' i duly pack by 'tiffin' and take it everyday :-/
    as for the teachers...well that story remains the same everywhere and our library has been under construction for agessss now...they really need to do something about the edu system specially the govt. ones!!


  15. Aahhh!!! Thats what every engineering student faces. But the dare to spill out the anger is never tried. You said everything right. Be it the price scheme in our college canteen or about the campus placements or be it about the level of teaching that faculties provide us. Me being a student of btech, second year though, have seen many setbacks and cynicism going around in our college.


  16. Is there any way for you to send it to him without ruining your chances of a good career? If so, then please consider making him read this. It's not like this everywhere and you don't have to put up with it.

  17. Being P: Happy belated Dussehra to you too.. and a happy diwali in advance.. yeah placements are a sense of pride, an honor and something a college should always strive hard for. Thanks !

    Here n Now: I can bet on it that the situation won't change until the mindset and thought process remains the same. How can they ask the students for links? And, why a student work for the college TPO or any other college event when he knows he won't be given recognition for it 'coz favoritism prevails over merit here. Also, I never used the college name anywhere.. and than too if people recognizes the college, then I should be awarded for it as I let people know about a filthy college. ...

  18. Suruchi: Lets hope for the best.. but than in realistic world best hardly happens :( Keep coming back :)

    Jyoti: Yeah, how can we respect a teacher who is even not good for being a clerk in the college. :P
    Keep coming back :)

    Sarah: same story everywhere.. and then they say we are heading towards gaining a permanent Security council seat.. damned:(

    Anshul : Lot to go man.. 2 years more.. just try to get yourself placed.. that's the most important thing. Keep Coming back :)

    PeeVee: Well its better to let it be here.. I know the princi is a good man but then good man are more harder to change.

  19. good one. well put.

  20. The whole country's engineering scenario is equivalent to sh*t :-/

  21. thats so true..especially the IT company part.!
    IF i wanted to join one ..i would have chosen CSE/IT 4 years ago. :|

  22. hey...you kept so much of fire within urself for more than three years....

    well, i think, it is more or less same in every engineering colleges in India, whatever they promise they never deliver....and sometimes its our mistakes too bcoz we believe blindly whatever they mention into their colorful booklet about their faculty...about labs n canteen facility and about placements......

  23. Divenita: Thanks.. keep coming back :)

    The Guy ITM: rightly said.. tot agree.. :(

    Bhanupriya: Welcome to the weakest LINK.. and please remove the restriction from your blog as I'm unable to visit it. Thanks for the comment..

    Irfanuddin : Welcome back sir.. weakest link was craving for your valuable comment and rightly said sir, everything that glitters is not gold.. apni akal lagao dikhave pe mat jao :P

  24. You have raised some very valid points, Rachit and done that in a nice, humorous way.

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