Tuesday, October 25, 2011

With No Preparation

Here comes the 28th of this month and I will sit for one of the top notch entrance exams of the country. Yeah, majority of you guys would have guessed it right, its Common Admission Test widely known as the CAT. Cracking CAT is the first step towards chasing your MBA dream as it paves way into one of the best management institutes of the country, the Indian Institutes of Management or IIM’s. 

You might be thinking so what’s the big deal in that, every year lakhs of students sit for few management seats across the country in hope of making it into one of the IIM’s. But then it’s not about everyone, it’s about me. I have been blessed with a prophecy since birth that nothing will go smooth and in a planned way with me. And, CAT’11 is no exception to it. 

Family, friends and well-wishers bombarded me with their suggestions of first earning a good job after the engineering degree, gaining some expertise and experience and then finally switching the gear towards the MBA. But all those suggestions fell on deaf ears; I was least interested in their words. Then putting aside suggestions from fellow college-mates I filled the test date in the middle of festive week. 

And here I’m with no air of relief. The preparations haven’t been unto the desired level as it I’m in the battle field with no arms and ammunition's. Making the matter worse are the chances of change in the test centre. 

So, here comes the 28th laughing all the way and here I sit cramping. 

Note: I’m sorry for not been consistent with my posts. The pre-placement tests, major projects, entrance exams and final year are keeping me all busy these days. Yet blogging is not a hobby but a passion for me and so I couldn’t keep much distance from it for a long time.


  1. Good luck! I do with with almost every exams :-)

  2. Think in a positive way..and give your best!
    Move with confidence and rest of the things are proportional :)

    All the best !!
    And happy diwali

  3. good luck 4 cat....tame the furry creature...n u ll be a king..:P...:)....

  4. well competitive examinations have a fair share of luck factor too so keep up the positive attitude..who knows this times it comes out to be a smooth sailing for u.
    good luck and happy Diwali :)


  5. Nice posted article. Hope to see more updates in the next following days.

  6. here's wishing you all the very best Rachit-and koi na, the pressures never cease anyways:-)
    you just do your bit!

  7. Good luck n best wishes...
    When u'll come back... we all will b right here :)

  8. All the best, Rachit. Don't worry about the prophecy, its in your hands to prove it wrong. Hope you had a wonderful Diwali. Keep us posted about your exams.

  9. Gargi: Thanks for the wishes.. :)

    Simran : Happy Diwali to you tooo :) and thanks for encouraging me :)

    Vaisakhi: I followed your advice.. let see how far I'm successful in my attempt :)

    Sarah: Happy Diwali ! But luck favors the bold, here the knowlegdable.. :)

    The BB: Thanks and Welcome to Weakest LINK:)

    Suruchi: Thanks .. and happy diwali:)

    Jyoti: Will pen the second half of the post soon.. and thanks :)

    Rachna: Yeah will pen the concluding part of the post soon ... n thanks :)

  10. so..how was the exams.....
    just keep doing ur part rest will be all right, best wishes for ur upcoming days....:)

  11. Good work for this posted article. I really appreciated the effort and confidence you bring out to write this article.

  12. Rachit, You'll crack it. Don't worry, have confidence and Good Luck with the results :)

  13. Ifranuddin: Exam was great sir.. hoping to make big time this time :) Thanks for the lovely wishes :)

    Kalyani: Welcome to Weakest LINK.. explore the site map for some exciting posts :) and thanks foe those lovely words :)

  14. Thank you for sharing you post. I agree on you blogging is a passion that every one likes to do.

  15. What a cute post. I admire you for being motivated how i wish to do the same.. lols!

  16. CAT this year is comparatively more beneficial as compared to last year when i gave one. Even IIT's are added up so there is a better chance to get a good college.
    Bring those positive vibes within you that everything will go great in your life. Give a chance to your luck ! Try it !
    Its hard to give a big exam during festive seasons but your attentiveness, preparation and devotion is all that counts while you sit for the same..
    all the best for your results.

    PS - I was looking at the link of Minglebox . It was the site i visited the most during the last 10 days before my CAT exam. It was good :)

  17. CR: welcome to weakest Link/// and thank :)

    Reicha: Welcome to Weakest Link... and thanks for that link :)