Monday, November 7, 2011

India over Coffee

Hello friends… it’s been really hard these days to sit around and pen a post. The final year has taken its toll on me... I guess. It’s not like I’m devoid of creative themes but purely I’m running out of time. I wish the Earth would have taken few hours more to rotate thus giving me an extra hour to write. I was really amazed when I saw IndiBlogger coming up with this Surf Excel blogger contest. Hey… don’t get carried away; this post isn’t regarding that… it’s about the fate of India.

The idea of the post came up at a regular coffee break; someone had rightly said… lot can happen over coffee: D. We friends were just passing time by talking of a popular daily television serial viz. Crime Patrol when someone peeked in and suggested to chuck out the states of Bihar and UP out of India to curb crime rates. 

 What… was my first reaction? How can even someone think of crafting a new India? 

For his support he even misquoted various media reports and remarks which by his extreme senses correspond to the degradation of our country. To my utter surprise people instead of taking the notion as anti-nationalist took side by him. I was all shocked to hear their story of nationalism.

Let me tell to all those morons who think that it’s the two states that aren’t helping the country in its growth and development that Bihar has more number of literate people than the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu combined. Also, there is far greater number of Biharis as doctors than the states of Punjab and Gujarat combined. Even the murder rate in Bihar is half that of Mumbai and incidents of molestations happens in Bihar as 1/10th that of Delhi. Profoundly, the state of Bihar produces more wheat then the state of Punjab.

Should I need to mention anything about the state of Uttar Pradesh now? I guess intellectuals might have got my point of mentioning all those fascinating facts. India isn’t someone manor but a mosaic of colorful fabric. We might practice different religion, have different caste and even have diverse cultural heritage but then the idea of one nation is strong enough to bind us together into a single entity. On the other hand it’s this socio-cultural mosaic which in true sense brings out the real picture of unity in diversity, like a bouquet of flowers where every component counts while retaining its specific identity.

It good to take pride in one’s own cultural but worse to feel the other’s as inane. India has been blessed with multi-cultural society and so it’s every Indian prime duty to with hold the integrity of each and every fellow Indian culture. It’s quite saddening when we come across news like popular politician warning of a possible riot over his own provocative remarks on the North Indians. 

As a true Indian we must never get carried away with all those anti-nationalist sentiments which quite often are propagated by the same people who have been vested with the responsibility of keeping us united. None would ever want the partition to take place. Only a mentally unstable person with evil intentions will dare to foresee an India bisected into 28 different countries.

Wake up before it gets too late! 



  1. Nice one! I agree with you mate. We can't just blame any particular state. Enough of the blame game already.

    India is ONE

  2. Wow! While Reading, at start I thought you are saying these things about UP and Bihar because you yourself belongs to UP. But at end you proved what a Indian should be. :)

  3. agree with you.. we all our individuals but belong ot ONE entity as you said the problem is we have forgotten that its all ME ME ME ME and ME..

    Time has come to do something rather then bicker , Punjab cant do better if labour from bihar doesnot come for example ...
    so we all need each other ..

  4. Kushal: Welcome to Weakest LINK.. and yeah it isn't about individual growth but the country which should matter the most. Keep coming back :)

    Deepak: Welcome to weakest Link... and thanks for understanding the sentiment !

    Bikramjit: yeah.. tot agree with you... every part of the country is inter-dependent.

  5. an interesting write ... enjoyed reading

  6. Yes I agree with you.
    That India is a mosaic of different colours bound together.
    And we can't really stereotype every one from one state as bad or good based on a handful of people and their stupid acts!!
    Great post! :)

  7. The word is lack of "analysis". Stereotypes comes attach with it.
    Nevertheless, we cannot blame a state for entire nation problem.

  8. Let's see when people wake up :)

  9. Sanchit: Glad you like the post :)

    Baishali: thanks for the encouraging words :)

    Sakshi: long time since you came here.. but its always a treat to see you commenting.. :) thanks :)

    Prateek: Welcome to weakest LINK and yeah we cannot blame a state only :)

    Juhi: long time you are here.. lets wake up :)

  10. Feeling of brotherhood should extend to ALL Indians and not just the ones in our caste, sect, religion, region, locality, community, village, state... what not. So many divisions and we're supposed to be united in our diversity.

    Good thought.

  11. PeeVee: Tot agree with your views .. thanks :)