Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Survival Challenge

Campus placements have been the most important part of every engineering student's life. As soon as one enters in his last year, not only his parents but also his extended family and friends start waiting for him to get placed. Everyone dreams of getting into a core industry with a double digit salary. The helpless student is bombarded with questions related only with his placement. The pressure starts taking its toll and the same student who few months back never used internet for purpose other than Skype starts online job hunts. Now aptitude seems to be more important than attitude. 
The same student who preaches one night study for three long years starts preparing for companies written exams way before the speculated time. If that wasn’t enough to torment a young technical mind, there comes a hell amount of competitive exams like CAT, Gate, CSIR and others. Adding to the ongoing stir in the meta-biological activity of a student are the major projects which carry with themselves the power to re-shape aggregate percentage. 

On the other hand, parents after spending their hard earned money takes campus placements as a matter of pride and honour. Any news of their ward getting a campus placement is directly proportional to their social prestige. So now it’s not only about winning the game but winning the game with a six to end the match. Mere placements won’t satisfy them, it’s the campus word attach which makes all the difference. 

Here comes the role of seniors, the same students who once took your introduction and more profoundly ragging. They stand like a father figure protecting you from the harsh bitter reality of the professional world outside the four walls of the college. They guide you and more of let you know about the do’s and don’ts of looking for a suitable industry. The last year tests all the networking power which you boast off hitherto. 

Yet with all the life deep sarcastic realities touching and moulding the soul, the student keeps on with a wide smile of his which he gained over the years of tough path and narrow blocks. He never misses to catch the glimpse of first year girls and ask them for a formal cum informal introduction. He continues to bunk most of his lectures and sleep in rests, completing his 8 hour of sleep which he missed last night as he was dedicatedly playing Counter Strike. 

Dedicated to all those 3.5 lakhs fellow final year engineering students other than the chosen few ( IIT’s and NIT’s) who will soon be churning out action plans for facing the life biggest challenge- the survival challenge. Prepare well and do wonders in your life. 

Important: Help me in getting an internship cum training into any core instrumentation company. 


  1. Gosh I remember the day I got placed, it was havoc! But a relief too. Campus placements give you a weird kind of security and satisfaction. What happens next is a totally different story altogether.

  2. my cousin is in her engineering final year n she is feeling the same as u have described....pressured

  3. dar lag raha hai bhai.kya hoga. so true we study only at the last moment. thnx for ur wishes.hope will do our best. n same too u

  4. i am glad that i never went through this. Take care my friend and good luck!


  5. Hmmm Rachit, don't worry... All the best!

  6. Hey Rachit,

    Been there ..Done that.. (Been 5 years, but felt like yesterday after reading this..) And you should not have excluded the chosen few...scene is not much different.

    Down the line, I am sure, you will look back and exclaim,'Well, That was not difficult.'

    Relax and Good Luck.


  7. A bitter truth, "parents after spending their hard earned money takes campus placements as a matter of pride and honour"..... but you can't help, every one goes through this phase and once done,he starts preaching others....

    Best of luck...

  8. Sigh!! This is seriously like a mad race, in every other engineering college. Had gone through it all. Been there, done that as well. Anyways, good luck with everything mate :)

  9. hey rachit will be just of luck:-)

  10. Oh! the biggest challenge... :D Well about the stuffs you mentioned, jokes and all apart engg students fight it out... A real struggle is ahead of the four years after degree :P :P And all the best to you Rachit :) :) Do wonders!!


  11. All the best , just be patient and things will happen when they happen...

    lucky i did not have to go any of those, i di the next best thing came abroad he he ..


  12. Saumya: ah, glad to see you here:) Keep reading :)

    Kiran: yeh hai hum sabhi ki kahani :O

    Some: will sail around , don't worry :)

    Jj: Thanks sir for your wishes :)Keep reading :)

    Saru: Thanks :)

  13. Kunnu: Great, so which stream were you from, and nops they are the choosen few. Welcome to weakest Link, keep reading :)

    Irfannudin: Well quite rightly said, have o understand things :)

    Risha: Thanks, and future looks gloomy full fo dark clouds yet can't let the bird of hope fly away, keep reading :)

  14. Mishi: Thanks for the warm wishes, I need them desperately:)

    Tanvi: years have gone since you have been here, seeing you gives me more satisfaction then getting placed :D

    Bikram: that's a good option, will give it a try :) :D

  15. Your post reminds me of survival of the fittest theory;) Good luck to those of 3.5 lakhs fellow final year engineering students...and ye it's not the end :D

  16. "Now aptitude seems to be more important than attitude." - I loved this line! :)

  17. Yes its a mad blind race everywhere! Be it campus placements or finding a foot of ur own is all about 'survival of the fittest'. but then u cant disagree on the fact that things do fall back in right places for all those 3.5 lakh aspirants..thats Gods big game :)
    so stay happy and good luck!


  18. Parents plz read it :) '
    have u shown it top your parents ??
    jokes apart really placement, campus are big buzzwords which becomes a havoc by the time u are about to finish ur academics.
    Many of my friends r going through this :(

  19. great post...and all the best...
    once you are thro' it you will realize that it was fun:)

  20. best of luck....i have another year to bear this pressure...but still can feel the heat from now...fingrs crossd...:)

  21. Gargi: where have you been from past couple of weeks? no new posts..? Thanks :)

    Suraj: an act of random musings :)

    Sarah: Let us party :)

    Jyoti: You need me to commit suicide by letting my parents read all this? And yeah, same story everywhere.

    Sub: Let get it thru than soon..:)

    Vaisakhi: hey, enjoy 3rd year, take intro :)


  22. Indeed. Peer pressure takes the toes off the ground.

  23. Been there, done it too :)
    Its going to be so fine mate :)
    I got placed at L&T, I was posted in Mumbai for my training, my parents didn't let me move there. I had to leave the job.
    This till date is the worst decision of my life.
    And don't even get me started on the peer pressure thing. ;) You suddenly realize all the good companies want your near friends and not you :D

    But sitting for campus placement was real fun :)
    Good Luck :)

  24. Prateek: rightly said :)

    Serendipity: Hope something similar happened with me, thanks :)

  25. Heeheee :D sorry for being vacation has been damn eventful :P :P Ceeya :D

  26. Serendipity: Will love to :)

    Tanvi: ohh great to see you here doc :)

  27. I remember my college does on your post. That first year was tough on any freshman. Not knowing what to expect, how this and that goes, where this is, etc. But once you get a hang of it, it's such a relief. It is really a survival challenge or a survival of the fittest in school.