Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Hard Nut to Crack

Trekking high to the mountains of Kailash at the abode of Lord Shiva finding solace I happened to bounce back on many of the life hardest dark realities which I confronted in my last post. This time I won’t ride the personal cart and will try to discover an accord with country irresolvable disputes.

Our country Preamble provides us the liberty to worship any religion of our choice in a way which suits us the best. Over the centuries many different religions were embraced by the state, many of which like Buddhism and Jainism were formed in order to demulsify the corrupt practices in the main Hinduism religion.  Other major religion practiced in the sub-continent is the Sikhism which again finds its root deeply penetrated in the country’s biggest religion, Hinduism. Islam and Christianity are the only two other major religion which were brought up in the sub-continent with the advent of foreign traders and still after years of emulsification are looked down as something extrinsic. 

I’m not a religious fanatic but a simple question sometimes haunts me that when majority of religions in India can be seen as the branches of the primary tree Hinduism than why time again and again only the saffron clad people are exempted from the government and other social organizations sympathy? Why aren’t they included in the government religious reforms? Why only there schools of worships are tormented by state associations for disturbing the secular fabric of the country? 

Another perplexing topic swinging in my mind is the flexible nature of our constitution which provides RIGHT TO LIVE even to a person who brutally killed thousands. Such is the apathy of political class in troubled states that once a terrorist surrenders he gets a government job with all criminal cases registered in his name omitted irrespective of the fact that the same person killed hundreds of innocent people and many of our brave soldiers died fighting against him. 

Have you seen recently a full page advertisement in the dailies letting you know about the government ambitious project? All such initiatives come with a deadline as to complete the project in the set amount of time. But in our great corrupt country hardly ever a project met its deadline. Even after completing the project many loopholes exists telling us about the miserable state machinery. 

While heading for the Mt. Kailash I witnessed shoddy affairs of the booming telecom and energy sector. I encountered many hydro-electricity projects on the way but none able to supply electricity to the nearest village even for few hours. While the rest of India is connected through an enhanced communication network the towns there were grasping even for the slightest of signal. Parliamentarians start visiting the villages and towns in your constituencies asking for breath of growth and development or you may have to face lakhs of Anna.  

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  1. very interesting ... i really appreciate this post.

  2. great port Rachit....I agree with you...

    and congrats for the award:)

  3. A very good post...And, congratulations on the award:)

  4. Capital punishment for terrorists, that what I advocate personally. If one takes up the right to take other people's lives, then we, as responsible citizens, have the right to take his.

    Hope the trip was fruitful:)

  5. When I read the title, I thought you were talking about me :P

  6. Baishali: Thanks for the kind words.. keep coming :)

    Sub: Thanks Sub.. :)

    Saru: Thanks Saru :)

    Priyanka: Yeah, that will send positive message in the society that anyone found being indulge in such activities won't be let free. And yeah.. trip was fruitful, life changing :)

    Soumya: Thanks for the award.. and really you thought that.. let me pen a post on you then.. but for that I must know a little more about you.. help me in that ??

  7. I agree with some parts of your post i.e almost all the govt projects take their own sweet time to complete and it is easy to blame the authorities for that. Anna's movement has taught us anything, if anything, that there is great power in the people...common people..and if this is used to good effect and constructively then we can make the govt to work effectively for us.


  8. i agree!!! i really dont understand that why ppl who follow religion are considered a threat to the secularism prevailing in the socity.

  9. Great post Rachit... I agree completely...
    BTW.. congratulations for the award :) :)

  10. everyone is taking advantage os situations .. they have set us huge industries in villages or remote areas yet those areas can't benefit from them ...

    agree with the issue on terrorists ..

    and congrats on the award ..


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  12. you shared an interesting thought...
    ppl respect hinduism as it is one of the oldest religions,but its true that today ppl are taking advantage and strangely they are exempted from so many matters.its unfair.
    btw wonderful blog

  13. Kunal : Yeah.. gear up for the change :)

    Kiran: we are on the same boat :)

    Madhulika: Thanks for following my blog and for the wishes :)

    Bikram: Rediculing the situation in the name of Bharat Nirman :( and thanks :)

    Haritha: Welcome to weakest link.. thanks for your kind words.. explore site map.. you will find many posts worthwhile. :)

  14. Congratulations 4 the award :)
    I agree with ur point that the development is indeed happening in our country bt given the circumstances its urban development. Rural areas still lack in all fields.
    I personally don't believe in capital punishment, I think its not viable to take an eye for an eye. For me there are numerous other ways by which we can install fear or punish the culprits.

  15. I AGREE!.....amazin post....n congo for the award...:)

  16. I could never understand religions. How can one religion compete with others, how can one God be better than others. Man made disasters. Anyways, I agree capital punishment is something we shouldn't have exceptions on.
    One thing I felt all through the post, was that you did touch so many issues but didn't talk about solutions.. may be it wasn't the intent of the post. Anyways, hope to hear more on these topics soon.


  17. My mil recently went to Kailash Mansarovar and shared some great memories about the trip with us. I also agree about the point you made. I also wonder why saffron is equivalent to communal in a predominantly Hindu country. And also why no one is accountable when projects are massively delayed and overbudget?

  18. absolutely agree with aakash.actually what u c..people misunderstand religion with spiritualism..a good believer loves all..ALLLLL..period..well, some make u's like scorpions sting..v dont sting back.what say boss?

  19. Agree about accountability or lack of it. The development projects that are made at the cost of the villagers is actually harmful to them since they neither benefit from it directly or through jobs or compensation. In today's votebank politics, it is sad to know that only the majority religion is targeted and the practitioners are actually marginalised. The unscrupulous politicians are making Hindus feel as if they are communal by just being one! No wonder youngsters are increasingly proclaiming to be atheists or non-religious. Sad indeed.

  20. Jyoti: Different ways>> can you show some light on any one of the ways? Thanks :)

    Vaisakhi: Thanks :)

    Aakash: you were someone who deeply read my post. Thanks for that :) And yeah, it was never meant to elloborate all those problems and provide a solution. I do find all those topics intriguing so posted about them.

    Rachna: Kailash the abode of Shiva is a scintillating place.. truly life changing experience..And for saffron , Hindus are a minority when it comes to framing laws.. a disheartening reality..

    Ramesh: we live in a country where the majority religion is misunderstood for being fundamentalist. Hindusism is the only religion in the world which has no set rules and laws. It's unto the believer how he follows the God. There were no crusades in Hindu religion and no war were fought.. what you have to say ?

    zephyr: Thanks boss for commenting.. and we sail on a similar boat of thoughts :)

  21. Assalamu alaikum. Dude, I still wonder why with so much diversity, there is prevailing alienation of the minority? There is a prevailing selfishness in land and resources, both in the state and the people themselves. Have we lost our morality? Or our slightest humanity?

  22. You have raised some thought provoking questions as always.

  23. Aasiyah: Its not just happening with only the minorities but with the majorities too. Perplexing and wicked political game.

    Alka: So any answers??

  24. Religion matters most to me. I need to have a partner who has the same faith as me.