Friday, May 14, 2010

Are there any Indians left?

Yesterday I got an sms from Johny and it exposes the true nature of so called unity in diversity. We Indians are so proud in our unity in diversity, of our mega size country, several states with various different areas of interest. Even some of us want our once part Pakistan & Bangladesh to again get united with us. But have we learn any lesson from our past, from our history, from the worlds biggest human migration… our PARTITION. What was the major cause behind our country getting partitioned?

NO… not the britishers.

They only did good what was good for them and everyone does so.

The reason behind our separation was we never stood like Indians, we always give preference to ourselves of  being Hindu or Muslim or belonging to some other religion.

Just ask any Indian from where he hails too and he will give you the name of any part of the country but he won’t say I am an INDIAN and I hail from the whole country not just any particular part.

When there are racists attack on Indians in foreign countries then so many organizations and many people stood to raise there voice against such barbaric things. But what about the racism which every Indian faces when he moves from one part of the country to another. We call south Indians as Madrasi, there are several jokes on sardars, people from the Hindi heartland are called bhaiyas,Indians who live in hilly areas are called nepali, bahadur or chinkis.. blah blah blah.

So why can’t we call every Indian as only Indian. When we are one country then why people object on the migration of people within the country.

Why the held our politicians are busy in making newer states? When they can’t govern the states then why they contest the elections?

Who says India is not a rich country? Our government spends too much money on some stupid things, can’t understand it at all, making parks and monuments, changing name of the cities, spending crores on several commissions and much more.


Only one thing to end this dialogue…

Jaago Bhartiyun, Jaago..!!!

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