Monday, April 26, 2010

First meeting...!!

‘hi m Raj’ Raj poked Jiya on a social networking site.

‘ hi m Jiya” She replied.

‘ what’s your hobbies’ Raj begin the conversation.

‘ slapping boys who tries to flirt with me ' Jiya replied.

‘ oh then I have to be at safe distance from you’

‘ so you will flirt with me’

‘ what do you mean by I will, I am doing it Ma’am’ Raj said.

Their conversation got the click, thanks to the website and within a week it become an obsession for both to talk with each other or rather chat.

Raj came to know about Jiya that she was the single spoiled girl of her parents living in Chandigarh and pursuing her graduation. The most important thing for him was that she was not committed.


Jiya came to know about Raj that like her he was too the single child of her parents and pursing his engineering from Lucknow.


Wait for more info till the book’s get completed.


  1. Bad very bad..... because its sooo small.. :( :( its good, i can't wait rachit!!!

  2. Tanvi: I guess, your wait will never get over..:O