Friday, April 23, 2010

Preface to my book Hiccups...!!

“Leave me yaar” said Raj.
“I am not meant for you; don’t waste your time on a nerd like me...” Raj completing his sentence
“What happen” Jiya replied.
“Nothing just wants to make few points very cleeaaaar” Raj emphasizing on the last word.
“Please don’t start it over again” frustrated reply from Jiya.
“What…?”Raj said.
“Listen Jiya… we are just online friends…
“What just online friends” Jiya interrupted Raj.
“Please let me speak what I want to… don’t interrupt in between”
“What you want to say…. You take me only as your online friend”
“Look Jiya it’s not as simple as it looks… we don’t have any end to this relationship of ours”
“Because it will never end… “Jiya again interrupted Raj in between.
“No don’t take me otherwise… but now I can’t carry the load of this relationship. Good bye Jiya… good luck for your life ahead…”Raj said while trying to hide his sob.
“What the f* you think of you…? When you will like you will behave as my boyfriend, my lover and when you don’t you will throw me out. I am not a like a paper… use and throw…”Jiya started crying.
“Please don’t cry Jiya” Raj trying to control his tears.
“Don’t you dare take my name from your mouth… I can take care of myself… you wanna leave me na…… just go…. I can live without you too…. It’s too much now…” Jiya cried and wept.


  1. Preface was the only serious work I did on the part of Hiccups.

  2. Oh that day.. i did comment..maybe i just didn't see if it got posted...silly me.. by the way your preface is quite interesting.. :D :P loved it very much...wanna read more...and what jiya did... :P Waiting :) :)


  3. Tanvi: I lost the passion to continue with this story over the years. It's not like I never wanted to finish it up but, the zeal which is needed got missing.