Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Why always RSS?

Always I wondered why the secular sect of political parties gets tormented even by the slightest thought of RSS.

The inquisitiveness in me roused manifold when I saw a political debate over alleged RSS & Anna Hazare link in a 24*7 news channel. As propagated, it seems in general that RSS might be an orthodox right wing Hindu nationalist organization working for the welfare of only Hindus. But the facts available online give you an all together different picture. The policy of minority appeasement for the sake of individual political gains is the prime source for such a distorted image. 

Why always RSS and other Hindu organizations are seen with a layer of suspicion? 
Ironically, the same government that leaves no stone upturn in ridiculing the social organizations in the name of national security pleads in with the terrorist groups for an open discussion with no conditions. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the government of India that liberated Dadra and Nagar Haveli from Portuguese occupation but the social organizations like RSS that compelled the Portuguese officials to free Dadra and Nagar Haveli. The liberation of Dadra and Nagar Haveli gave a boost to the freedom movement against the Portuguese in Goa. 

Even the former critic of RSS Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru appreciated the volunteer work of the Sangh during the Sino-Indian War in 1962 and had called them to take part in the Indian Republic day parade of 1963. Later in 1965 and 1971 Indo-Pak wars too, the RSS volunteers offered their services to maintain law and order of the country and were apparently the first to donate blood. While in 1947 when the major political party shook hands with the Britishers and went ahead with the partition of the country, the RSS opposed the brutish Britishers and Muslim separatism. Sadly, none recalls it today. 

The so-called secular parties wastes no time whatsoever in accusing RSS for being anti-nationalist when many of the religious outfits in the country that are working to destabilize the Indian state are seldom checked and controlled for mere political gains . Google it and you will find that the sole motto of RSS is to revitalize the Indian value system based on universalism and peace with an immediate focus on Hindu renaissance, which would build an egalitarian society and a strong India that could propound this philosophy. The organization says, it aspires to unite all Hindus and build a strong India, which could contribute to the welfare of the world. The movement considers Hindus as inclusive of Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, tribals, untouchables, Veerashaivism, Arya Samaj, Ramakrishna Mission, etc. as a community, a view similar to inclusive referencing of the term Hindu in the Indian Constitution. 

When the country is suffering from illiteracy and poverty the RSS is taking a lead role in providing the education to people of rural India and socially backward classes living under the extreme poverty. The messiah of Harijans Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar while visiting the RSS camp at Pune observed that RSS volunteers were moving in absolute equality and brotherhood with no sign of caste differences. On the other hand government never misses a chance of creating differences in between different religions and castes. Even in the Jan Lokpall bill where the prime motto was eradicating corruption the government tabled reservations thus dividing the country based on religious lines. Dr Zakir Hussain the former President of India once said that the allegations against RSS of violence and hatred against Muslims are wholly false. Muslims should learn the lesson of mutual love, cooperation and organization from RSS. 

The country must understand the evil motive of the government in fueling a conspiracy theory against the social organizations like RSS. Hindus in particular and Indians in general must use their electoral powers wisely in keeping such political parties away from the power module who defame the nation with false allegations. The spokesperson of such political parties won’t gather courage to utter even a single word against the ones who beat up fellow North Indians or against the ones who cry out loud to divide the country for political gains. But never losses a chance to cry foul against the noble deeds of right wing organizations. 

A thought may creep in your mind that why the self proclaimed secular political parties are against such a nationalist social organization that has no political inclination?  
The fear accumulates from the revolutionary like foundation and working of RSS. Rough figures estimates that there are around 5-6 million RSS member throughout the country. Though the organization has no political upbringing yet the fear of political appraisal worry the political sleuths. Someday mass hysteria cause due to lowering of political standards may bring in revolutionary organization RSS as the central socio-political outfit making it hard for family politics to sustain.
Happy & Prosperous New Year
Note: I'm neither an active nor a passive member of RSS. 

Source: Wikipedia.


  1. Hey, never knew much abt the RSS.. thanks so much for the post ..:)

    PS: sequel is "Every Second Counts"... !

  2. Very informative...Spreading canards about RSS is Congress propaganda....nothing else. In fact we should be applauding the RSS for its social contributions.

  3. Thanks for shedding so much light on the RSS... never knew it in this detail.

  4. I strongly agree with your this post..RSS always worked for the country benefiting people from all the strata..

    Nice and informative post :)

  5. RSS has a beautiful ideology, but then, everything can be bent here. Words are said in one way and are taken in a different direction much too often these days. What is Hindutva, if not a way of life, a way to renaissance, but look how it is used for petty politics.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. Well all i wil lsay is read the history.. what we see is not always true..

    I would like to put a question to you , what do you have to say on SIKH history.. and What happened ot the SIkh promises , I am sure you will know about what and how big Punjab was and what all happened .. or why was it cut into pieces..

    The promises made the Famouse words of Hindu led Govt and the Rss a part of it .....

    just a question which maybe shud be answered .. All that looks good is not always the true..


  7. Well written. However, Intentionally or unintentionally this article looks Pro RSS.

    Saying that Govt’s evil motive fuels conspiracy against RSS, needs a backing. RSS has not kept itself doubt free to be seen neutrally. RSS as an org may have Jains, Buddhists, tribals inclusive, but its greater inclination towards Hindu outfits and ceremonies, mars this neutral image.
    What people perceive is what is shown to them.

  8. I never knew this much about RSS...If Diggy reads this post then he might call you RSS agent. It's that how sick he is :)

  9. BP: Thanks for the book... :)

    Alka: tru ma'am... congress are in a state of messed up :P

    JOJO: thanks and welocme to weakest LINK :)Keep coming back :)

    Sanjana: its nice to see more of infomrative people like you :)

    BA: its great to see you here... and yeah just 'coz of few mislead people thw whole organization has to feel the brunt.

    Bikram: on a lighter note the "Promises are meant to be broken". Seriously, I feel like their is no demarcation in between Hindus & Sikhs. We are the son of the same soil. And, we must be happy to be a part of a same country. isn't it ?

    Viyoma: Ohh, if that was the case I must reevaluate my writing. And RSS never took Jains, Sikhs or other different from Hindus.

    Gargi: Diggy might then file a law suit against me :P

  10. yes true what you say we are the same .. so why have all these organistation .. especially based on religion and caste..

    There shud be none end of ...

    and only when each individual is seen as a indian rather then a hindu-sikh-muslim and then furthur a jat-naamdhari - a brahmin
    and then furthur a congress man - a bjp man , a akali etc etc

    things will change .. :) till then nothing will change mark my words .. :)

  11. Bikram: I'm of the same opinion, but as Guru g formed Sikhs to save Hindus from Muslims so does was RSS formed to safeguard the interest of ethnic Indians.

  12. I always feel a bit uncomfortable when certain ideologies / principles bear a particular religious or regional tag. May be because in the course of time issues start getting distorted and exploited.... your posts are always very informative and interesting ...

    wish you a happy new year Rachit. Stay smiling.

  13. CD: thanks... its a treat to read your comments too :) Happy new yr

  14. Hi Rachit..I never knew so much about the RSS. Hope you had a great new year.

  15. A well researched article that clears misconceptions we have about RSS. Sadly what we get to read is politically motivated. Wonder why Diggy is so allergic to RSS?

  16. yes agree with Bikram here that "all that looks good is not always the true"

    ......and i never knew before that muslims are so powerful n dreadful here that one needed to form such a huge organisation like RSS to safeguard themselves......anyways, no offences and difference of opinions are bound to happen.

    take care,

  17. Rachna: Thanks Ma'am... :)

    Purba: Diggy digging his own grave :P

    Irfanuddin: RSS isn't against any other religion, its an organization that works for the uplift-ment of each & every section of the society.