Thursday, December 22, 2011

Why Can’t I Lie?

At times in life being distracted a thought frowns at me that “Why Can’t I Lie?”
Why the unbreakable thread of innocence binds me with sullen believe?

Lust engulfs,
She messages, “Isn’t it true love”?
Being puzzle I reply,
Why Can’t I Lie?

Examination torments,
Results suffer,
Parents inquire, “How’s marks”?
Being sorry I reply,
Why Can’t I Lie?

Company’s recruits,
Destiny blackens,
Acquaintances laugh, “Where’s going”?
Being perturb I reply,
Why Can’t I Lie?

Heart sinks,
Life camouflages,
God whips, “What’s happening”?
Being crushed I reply,
Why Can’t I Lie?

note: work of fiction


  1. I wonder what u are going thru Rachit? This was a caught in the web kind of a situation. Ur words too deep don't allow me to say anything further lest I might spoil the confusion!!

    Sharing with u these words:

    "We wish things could be otherwise...easier..But we have little choice when illumination shines through injury"~ Michael Eigen

  2. All I can say is been there and done that...I wish life is little easy and we don't have to lie...:)

  3. Lieing is an art.. but these days its common ...

    I am learning


  4. Some can't lie. I still haven't decided whether that's a good thing or a bad thing.

  5. Well, I don't lie either...So join the club of honest people....lying is easy and standing by truth is what makes us different...keep it up, the end results will be good :)

  6. in Present scenario if someone can't lie or don't lie that means he/she is blessed, so just don't worry n stay blessed young man....:)

  7. Oh this is sad...but stay the same. Lies never get you anywhere any ways:-)
    all the best!

  8. I can so easily relate to this..
    Sometimes we need to lie, but then our innocence pulls us back. It's good to be innocent, but then, it's today's world.. innocent people are the ones who suffer the most.

    Lovely lines :)
    (cross my heart, i ain't lying when I say so :P)

  9. Aakriti: Thanks for those nice words :)

    Saru: hope so !

    Kalyani.. Thanks :)

    Bikram.. teach me too :D

    Zeba: for some its good & for others a mixed bag :P

    GArgi: join the party then :)

    Irfanuddin: pleasure was all mine :)

    Suruchi: but then they can provide you solace for sometime :(

    Juhi: ohh that was so heart melting :)

  10. this dilemma is very bad.. to lie or not to...
    beautifully expressed that.. !!
    I try not to lie in almost all circumstances... but I can't say that I don't lie at all, coz that will b lie too :P

  11. beautifully written :)
    thanks for stopping by
    following you - follow me back

    love x

  12. Oh it is sad. You have expressed it so well. Brilliant! Life is no easy but you should be able to manage other things well too and be honest but in a subtle way. Make sure the other person does not get hurt.


  13. Jyoti: I guess lie's at times do help :P

    Shama: Welcome to weakest Link and thanks for following my blog :)

    Megha: Thanks :) and yeah life's a roller coaster ride:O

  14. Beautiful expressions. Great portrayal of emotions. Simple loved reading it!

  15. That was some poem Rachit! Honesty is a very rare commodity these days and when you find it, it is like a breath of fresh air.