Monday, December 19, 2011

Past Perfect to Present Continuous

“The darker the clouds gets, the brighter I shine to outcast the shadow.”

Was the motto of my life till few months back… my life resonated with the path of optimism & positive vibe surrounded it until I came in last year of my degree. I never knew the life will take such a drastic shift and things will shape up so differently with twists & turns all around. But then the destiny plays an important role in a person life and when it comes to me it gets eternal supreme powers to disturb the balance of life.

A month back I was a carefree happy go lucky boy without compulsions and now the mere thought of future perplexes me. The pleasurable college days are far gone and now the wicked world awaits me with an iron rod. It’s not like I’m not getting offers, but the crest for the best haunts me. 

"Lately life has been a roller coaster ride with swings everywhere"

Even the only arena which somehow with unknown reasons accepted me i.e. the blogging world has become a bit intolerant with me as my last post was a disaster in terms of fellow bloggers comments. I always wrote post for the self satisfaction and will keep on doing till I get bombarded with creative thoughts.

"The more you ignore me, the better I do to survive."

There’s so much to write & read with so less time. I’m into my last semester of engineering which was quite a while ago the most awaited semester but now it seems the most dreaded one. The last sem is an off-campus sem where I have to undergo a 6 months long industrial training because a moron some 14 years back while drafting the law of All India Technical Education thought of exposing the young minds to the real world. Few months back the last sem appeared to be full of new experiences loaded with lots of learning, fun & a new life altogether. But now it appears as it would have been the best if the last semester would have never come up in such a fabulous student life. 

"Memories grow more meaningful with every passing year, more cherished & more profound."

Quite true are the above lines as now I miss each & every moment of hostel life. Someday for sure I will craft a post on my hostel life. I don’t know why I came up with this post in the first place, may be at times ramblings help. 

Will be back soon... happy blogging!


  1. Good seriously has its twist and we got to deal with it

  2. hehe hmmm things chagequite quickly these days....nicely writtn...n dont worry we dont ignore u....its just time frame seems to be a lot more cunjstd these days wid unexpctd task...:)

  3. Well, don't know exactly what to say :( I hope you pass through this phase of life soon and be so happy again with a wonderful job and career :):)

    Good Luck!!

  4. hmmm but what wud life be if it had not got all these twists and all it wud be dull :)


  5. @I always wrote post for the self satisfaction and will keep on doing till I get bombarded with creative thoughts.

    Way to go..

    Nice lines in the bold letters.. loved them..;)

  6. Writing is always for self satisfaction. . . not to please anyone... good attitude... :)

    Take care

  7. Hey Rachit, I didn't know that there was a lot going on in your mind...well, life is a bitch. It may give you sad moments but soon happiness will take over :) Wish you luck for your free writing and that's how it should be. I will be waiting for your post on the hostel life. Cheers!

  8. Rachit...

    why so much of negativity there young man.....
    just do your part and rest will follow you in time....INNSHA ALLAH.

  9. Life is a bumpy terrain... twists n turns come n go !!

    B back soon... :)

  10. Hi Rachit, and first things first.. when I read this post, I went straight ahead and read your previous post before commenting here. To that bit, all I have to say is, treading politics is a tricky affair. And everyone has his own views and is entitled to it, right? :) My first political post was on Rajiv Gandhi and the 'good' he did for our country, but it received so many brick bats and made me realize there is so much of hatred floating around for him due to the Bofors scam. I was a newbie blogger then, exactly 4 years back, and my first reaction was to delete the post. :) :P Conversely, my latest post speaks about 'How much do others affect you?' :)

    OK.. that done, now, regarding your main post, uncertainty always looms ahead when you are at your life's crossroads. But remember one thing: DO what your heart feels right. Whatever you choose, stick to it with conviction and work hard (by hard I don't mean slog, I mean be honest and give your 100%). That's it. That'a all it takes. And.. if it hasn't happened yet, it's not yet time for it. Does that make sense?

  11. Abhinav: Thanks & Welcome to Weakest LINK... keep coming back .. tc :)

    RH: and that's make life a hell :(

    Vaisakhi: It won't matter much until I have loyal readers like you :)

    Kalyani: Lovely to see you here.. and yeah I'm keeping my finger crossed... lets pass this time soon :) Do come back :)

    Deepak: Thanks & welcome to Weakest LINK buddy :)

  12. Bikramjit: Yeah you are right but then at times the life makes it miserable. And, I'm following your each & every post... I liked that musical post.. Do come back :)

    BP: thanks... needed such words :)

    Raniyal: umm... that's makes us blogger not mere writers. Do come back :)

    Gargi: The twin blogger sisters.. :) And thanks.. I need that support.. Hostel life soon to adore the Weakest LINK.. :)

    Irfannudin: Sir, can't help it out.. and yeah I'm believing in Allah now for the future. Thanks:)

    Jyoti: Life's such a bitch :( Do come back :)

    Punam: Welcome to WL.. Even I would have commented negatively on Rajiv not just for the BOFORS scam but for endless wrongs he did. And thanks for all those encouraging words. Do come back :)

  13. And may be its just a beginning of something new .. All the best for Jan 11 ... :-)

  14. at times... yeah its a nasty bitch !!

  15. Heyyy Rachit..

    Writing always helps..nothing better than blogging what gives you self satisfaction :D
    And, Its always nice to see how life changes :)

    Nicely written post :)

  16. The wicked world may be waiting with a iron rod...but I hope, when they see the fire, energy and passion in your eyes, they will know, that they need more than just a rod to break you. And, remember...the rod doesn't break you. Its the Fear, which it creates, breaks you. So, be fearless and face the world. :)

    Enough of funde.. :D

    Last days in college...have fun and party will miss it like anything...once you step into the wicked world.. :)

    P.S - It is not that wicked after all. :)

    Good Luck.

  17. That's the beauty of life -it's so imperfectly perfect.

  18. I hope you find a suitable job soon. And the world is not that wicked. Be confident and positive and your efforts will always pay off. And not only work hard, but also work 'smart'. :)

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving your comment. Hope to see you often :)

  19. The ups and downs are what makes times memorable :)

  20. Harsh: Welcome to Weakest LINK.. and thanks buddy :)

    Jyoti: :O

    Sanjana: Thanks:) and yeah life's is indeed playful :)

    Kunal: fun at its peak buddy :) Keep coming back!

    Purba: its an honor to see you here :)

    Neha: Welcome to Weakest Link & thanks for the wishes :) Do come back !

    Juhi: long time haan... hows life? learning to live with the frequent ups & downs :(