Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cabinet Reshuffle: UPA 2

What if BCCI replaces Sachin with Joginder Sharma? Yeah, you read it right, and please don’t give me that bizarre look, I know I may sound stupid but, when Cabinet posts are given to people with least expertise than why not the same model be followed elsewhere. 

I know, like always I’m late again and this time I’m late by a month.  Last month, UPA government reshuffled the Cabinet group of ministers. The reason they gave defied logic; they said Cabinet reshuffle aims in bringing new zeal and fresh blood yet most of the departments had the same old guards. Everyone knows the reason behind cabinet reshuffle.

It was done more to hide recent incompetency of the government than to infuse more of youth participation. Last year would have been very tough for UPA 2. The involvement of top notch ministers in corruption charges and scams and Prime Minister resistant attitude ridiculed the government. It gave the opposition a chance to intensify their demand of forming a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) to investigate the wrongs in 2G spectrum. The government at times looked so keen to protect its ministers accountable for the mayhem that they even sacrificed the whole winter session of the Parliament, wasting enormous public money. 

Adding to the UPA 2 disaster lists was the sharp hike in prices of Petrol and Onion. Public sentiments were going against the government and something major was needed to be done on the part of Prime Minister. The only possible way for an allayment was a reshuffle.

Yet, things went quite contrary to the beliefs. Government would have never anticipated that reshuffling would only help in making UPA 2 look impotent. Entrusting a single Minister with two or more ministries showed the lack of bench strength in UPA 2.  

Reshuffling must have been truly carried out to bring in more of youth participation. Moreover, it looked like transfer of powers within the Cabinet Ministers rather than a complete change of guards. A week ago Honorable Supreme Court ordered the government to let it and the rest of India know the reason behind including former state Chief Minister in the Cabinet who misused his discretionary powers. 

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  1. The fact that govt is not realizing the power of youth is essentially their own loss..Whats the point of having Krishna at 78 who reads wrong speeches at UNSC? The reshuffle was more about politics and less about governance.

  2. Umm.. the same dirty politics, the same as always... I wonder if things will ever change, makes me sick hearing all such things.....
    Nice read!


  3. Alka: and an insight.. all the so called MP's representing Youths are from affluent families believing in dynastic politics. What a shame...!!

  4. Tanvi: Indian Politics making you sick??? Your anatomy session will really be of great help..:P