Sunday, February 13, 2011

A week that went by

"How many proposes?"... a fellow hosteller asked me.

"No one…"  I replied. 

He gave me a bizarre look and left. Thanks buddy for that droll look, which eventually acted as an inspiration. I don’t guarantee you of finding something valuable here. Moreover this post is an act of self evaluation I undergone last week. 

You might have kept a distant from the week of love if you had died a decade ago. But, there is no way to keep it at bay nowadays, thanks to our dailies (TOI, Hindustan, and Express to name few) that don’t miss a chance to monetize love through a one page advertisement.

Last week would have been great financially for vendors selling roses and wholesale teddies. I don’t think I should mention about Chocolates manufacturing companies. I never make it out why people are so desperate to eat an insecticide. This year was no exception to all those years of ignorance which was the root cause of still mine being single. I would rather love to blog, read newspapers and drink tea than circle around a girl hostel. 

Last week was bit tempering; I had restless nights and vacuous days. I’m in my third year of engineering and yet my future bewilders me. Meanwhile, the Incubation cell which I launched few months back with the support of Hasmeet Singh is planning for an Idea Conference in coming weeks with the support of Thoughtberg. Let’s see when the whole thing gets materialize. 

Last week was of much importance as far as the world politics is concerned. You guess it right; I’m talking about the Egyptian Revolution. I know, it has been weeks since the people of Egypt’s have taken demonstrations to the streets. Yet, last week Husni Mubarak speech was crucial and had significant effect. I wish something similar would have happen in India.

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  1. Love is not about giving roses or proposes on one day.......The media pressure has made it so. Rachit we r fortunate that we have democracy and not dictatorship..It might not happen in India..

  2. Alka: Ma'am you are right... my next post on commercialization of festivals will talk on the very same topic.

    Ma'am, just look at the condition of India... we need an urgent cleansing before it's too late.

  3. Lovely post. And third year of engineering? Wow! You must be working a lot! The Egypt revolution is crazy. I hope that it sends a message to the rest of the world...sigh..

  4. Saumya: Welcome to weakest link and thanks for your wonderful comment. Yeah, sleeping, attending fests, blogging and day dreaming keeps me quite busy nowadays. It will be a pleasure to see you on the follower list. Keep coming..

  5. know what?!>> I can understand your feelings.. :P hehee :D Valentine's day and all, plus being single, but trust me you are better off being so rather than wasting your time behind some stupid girl...there are important stuff like eco-green cars and whiskey fueled bike.. :) Enjoy your week ahead.. :)

    And a revolution like that in egypt is very unlikely to happen in india, because the spark of youth is lost, now is the right time for invaders to have their slice actually.. :P


  6. Tanvi: It's always a pleasure to see you here. My blog was asking me about you rather Weakest Link was pinching me and intriguing me about your whereabouts.

    Whiskey fueled bikes? Thanks for letting me know that, it's easy to get liquor here in Punjab. And, I guess you are right, youths are not a verge of deterioration.

  7. halooo...okay by now m sure u must be liking how come one single person can read so many of ur posts in one its just that u write on some quite similar themes like I do..and it kina grabs my attention,..was trying to find ur id..coz I wanted to ask u ..u can leave a comment on my blog somewhere..

  8. Aakriti: You have a beautiful name :) And thanks for your valuable comment. Do come back :) you could have easily got my id from contact tab :)