Thursday, August 19, 2010

The HERO is back..!!!

I am back finally, dormancy period has gone now. This time it took me really long to get back on mine shoes and write about mine experiences. It doesn’t mean I was not getting any good ideas but only was bit preoccupied with other stuffs or was being lazy to open windows live writer and sit down before mine laptop “ Vasu”.

Well this time around I won’t write about anything particular instead I will dedicate this blog to all those things which happened with me worth mentioning. So few of mine last blogs were either the work of copy paste or of mine co author’s. So going back to mine last blog which I wrote was about mine surgery and I am sorry for yet not publishing its final part. I will soon do that.

Well after that blog I got involved with my rigorous industrial training(IT) sessions. Due to mine surgery I wasn’t been able to do much in mine first month of holidays so now I was left with only one month of holidays to go for any industrial training. And I never wanted it to be just a casual affair, as was the case with rest of mine training batch mates.

Mine application as a trainee for 4 weeks was accepted by Hindustan Aeronautical Limited, Accessories Division, Lucknow and asked me complete some of their formalities before 1st July. Well they had only one formality to cover up and that was police verification. As a good Indian citizen I thought of first completing it through legal way but after seeing the legal procedure and all not so friendly ways I gave up and finally gave bribe. It worked and within seconds I was through police verification. Finally mine training started from 5th July in HAL. Meanwhile I joined a course in embedded system using 8051 microcontroller and like before, this time too i regretted it in the end.

I went in HAL for 11 days of mine 15 days total training time. You might be surprised so was I after knowing that the training was only of 15 days. HAL has a policy which states that the industrial trainees have to undergo 15days in-factory training and 15days out-factory training. Experience in HAL was quite good and when I communicated this to mine friends who also got themselves sometime or the other as a trainee in HAL laughed at me. I took it as their ignorance. HAL is a pool of knowledge and you have to get into the pool for absorbing it. You can’t sit and wait for someone else to really teach you something. It’s a PSU and people their got lot of work to do. They have to complete their assignments within a time limit failing which can prove to be really fatal even sacking of the employees.

Meanwhile in FB I met three people( I need not to disclosed their sex). Soon mine 72 days long holidays ended and I got the best example of Sir Albert Einstein Relativity theory. As the tradition attached with the EIE students this time too we went for a week long bunk and attended college only when our seminar date approached.

I had to present a presentation on mine IT. And don’t raise your eyebrows when I will tell you that I presented the ppt on Embedded system instead on HAL. I did so ‘coz mine college authorities wanted a 6 weeks training report and HAL was just of 4 weeks. Seminar was more of a joke and teachers raised silly not so important questions. It looked like more of a formality stuff. A good news to give too that I cleared mine 4th semester without any backlogs. This time around I was disappointed by me teachers rather then the university. Nevertheless I will keep doing good work.

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