Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Is That YOU...??

I hear a Sound,
feel a rankle,
It Stimulates me,
more often,
It wakes me....,
Yet, I see no one there...!

It's been quite long since you left,
I'm waiting for you..,
I'm waiting to feel your tender touch,
waiting to listen your mindless giggles;
My heart pumps only for you,
My mind thinks only of you...!

I know,
you are far gone,
But..., then WHY....???
every-time the winds blow my hairs, 

I ask myself...,
Is that YOU...??

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  1. Its just because you have not yet removed all of her from you...slowly it will fade away like a lovely night...it will happen somewhere down the line...


  2. Bhargavi: Thanks..:D

    Tanvi: There's nothing like that... I'm as much single now as I was since birth.. hehehe :P

  3. hie! what attracted me to ur blog was the name 'weakest link'...and this poem seems to be well penned too..will be staying here a lil longer to read more.keep writing :)

    PS : kindly do away with dear Mr. bean..he distracts the readers a bit too much! :D


  4. Anushree: Thanks..keep coming back :)

    Sarah: You know I write most of my articles and poems in the middle of a lecture sitting on the last bench.. :P
    And, please please you are always welcome here.. stay here till you want, even I want you and all my readers to never leave Weakest Link.. :)

    And, thanks for letting me know how to improve my blog.. I have removed Mr. Bean.. :D

  5. Priya: There are many a post waiting to be read by you.. don't flatter there hopes... read them too.. I'm sure you will find them interesting too :D

  6. Rachit- No words after reading this....Your thoughts are so intense for love :)

  7. Gargi: Great to see you here, very few of the readers go through site map and very few out of them take pain to really read and comment on previous posts.

    Thanks for being here. :)

  8. I feel the tingle again..its beautiful :) :)


  9. Tanvi: glad to see you here again :)