Saturday, March 20, 2010

Under estimated..!!

I have always been under estimated, under rated and people never skipped any chance of finding any fault in me. Earlier, I used to think that I never got the chance to proof myself but now with the passing time I came to realized that life never gives any chance to anyone, but we have to grab it, snatch it and make it a way into it for our self. There's always a possibility in everything but due to our ignorance we just let it go and later on we curse God. The Almighty not only provides us an opportunity but also pass a signal to us to let us know about that chance. And now I think I am decoding all those signals right. Everything going in a best possible way. But this 'but' word hasn't left me, sometimes it resurfaces itself. I do all the work, take all the tension, make all the arrangements and then at the last moment someone else get all the applause. I am not saying that I run after material gain but it felt bad at times. You need some sort of recognition to boost up your morale. Even I am also a human being. I think my nature of being self satisfied is the root cause of it, the nature of not asking the favours and unnecessary public service may have taken the limelight from me.

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