Monday, June 23, 2014


We sing on HIS music
Dance on HIS tune
Walk on HIS road
& Laugh on HIS jokes

We live-in between infinity
Surrounded by lies
With flying black holes
And scavenging eyes

There isn’t any time
It’s all illusory
There isn’t any play
It’s all delusory 

The good isn't sacrosanct
And, the bad pernicious
With truth beguiling
And, relations struggling

Awaken the mystic soul
Don’t let it sleep
Nights may not be long
And, days may not be strong. 


  1. when that happens thats when we need to be strong and wade though it all


  2. @Bikram: strong may be another form of weakness or weakness might be a deception.. it's a mystic world after all.

  3. What is the use when know you will fall? You're only as strong as your strength can take. What does it matter when you know it doesn't matter. Why do you fight when you know that it is not worth it? For if the soul should sleep you would never be woken again, but if it awake, there isn't a fight at all.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

    1. Hi Anshul, it's like time.. that exists but varies with respect to place. And, then with death it doesn't stop but starts encircling black hole of infinity.