Thursday, January 7, 2010

youth for equality

Youth for equality..well i choosed such an title 'coz i want to generate the feelings in the youths especially in fellow Indians that now the time has come to stand united and fight against the evil government and its policies which directly or indirectly effects us. We all know how the government played its policy of appeasement and provided quota's too the soo called backward classes and scheduled castes/tribes. I ask a question from this forum too our great planner's that by always letting a person having some reservations how the government can eliminate the caste biased society of our's. The government is playing the game by which they want to divide this society into castes and religions. If a person of ST suppose gets a seat in higher education just 'coz of his caste then for his whol life his friends, his acquintances and more importantly his soul will not let him forget that he had been born in a ST family.

Moreover, instead of giving quota's government should provide the backward people( by economy) funds so that they can go for higher education. If a general category student won't be able to get a seat just 'coz of his caste then for his whole life he will hate backward caste people, hence acting on the government policy of hatred. Instead none should go for demanding reservation. Everyone should darken general block in his/er form.

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