Sunday, October 17, 2010

The great Indian wedding: a satire on the aries

I will share my views on organizing the so called "BIG FAT INDIAN WEDDING". It was my daughter, Aries, marriage. And like any other father I was bit happy, a bit nervous, and somewhat perplexed of veni and vedi.

Let me reverse the pendulum, that would took you 2 weeks back. My daughter told me about her secret love and added that the groom family had just a week time for the marriage, after which they would be returning back to London, their home place.

This was the result of liberty and freedom which I gave to my daughter. Yet, a week time was bothering me much. Like every father, I too had a dream of  marrying my daughter with great pomp and show. But, just a week..oops. What can be done much? After consulting a Pandit we fixed the date. We had only couple of days left for ring ceremony. It was going to be a nasty hasty project.

We had lots of stuff left still to finalize; firstly we penned down all the guests name. Problem after problem were there, the biggest was that no offset company was ready to provide us with the wedding cards in a day time. Computer ji and Internet baba came to our rescue. Google Maharaj located an internet firm ready to help us.

Problems were still there, the next on line was that I was in dire need of a team which could help me in organizing the wedding. My wife came to my rescue, she handled the job to her relatives who cautiously took it. Please note, my elder brother stood with me throughout the pre and post wedding.

Here comes the bolt again, my elder had could not make it to the ring ceremony because of an official appointment. He assured me that he would be back for the wedding. Yet, it was the wedding, not a simple birthday party and I desperately needed the support, tension griped me. Till now my wife relatives were doing a decent job but suddenly on the ring ceremony they all collapsed as a team.

I was a fool to trust them; people from my wife side are all with some weird psychological disorders. Well the clocked struck 8pm and the guest started to pour in. My team told me that the food wasn't ready. Also, the idiotic cameraman forgot his camera rolls, adding to the disorder. And the event manager ran after seeing the failure of the team.

What can be done now? This question rang in my mind for hundreds of times. And got only one reply.. Finish of the event as fast as I can and make sure wedding goes smoothly. I called one of the guest, who was also my good friend and more precisely he owns a five star hotel. He solved mine food problem. I went to another guest, who was a professional cameraman for taking out the snapshots of the wedding. And I myself took charge as the event manager.

It was the D day now. Also, I was having the support of my elder brother who came back. We two took over all the charges. Day 1 had taught me about mismanagement. It showed me the failure of my wife team.  I, just like a student, corrected all my mistakes. I appointed a new team for the wedding on whom I had a blind trust. I took over the cameraman and my brother looked after the food.

Now its been 2 weeks since then and still people call me up and give their heartiest congratulation for the good management of the wedding. I am thinking of switching over jobs now.... who knows one day I can own an event managing firm.

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