Monday, February 8, 2016

Let not be a fool

We were having lunch together last week when a colleague of mine said that he feels everyone in this world, knowingly or unknowingly, makes every other person a fool. In school, we have been made to work on nuisance of integration-differentiation when in life it never helped. Not just in academics but in every other field- be it social, political, career, or religion, we are thought to be an easy prey who can be lured by misleading facts which are thought to be sacrosanct.

Why the social structure is so methodical? Join a school at 3, than college at 17, start working at 22, get married at 25, have kids at 28 & retire after 60? Is democracy only about electing leaders who creates rules which sets him apart from the crowd? And, why do we all fight for our religion when all these years in school we have been told that all Gods are same? Also going by the clerics God created us all, so do we need to save the Creator who created us all? Aren’t we all are here being made fools?

There could be a different dimension to it too wherein we fool the other person who tries to fool us by showing that we have accepted his beliefs which we haven’t have. We could do this for various reasons- probably for not hurting the other person, or for not stretching the fact too far. Also, it could be because we don’t have any other options other than to be made fool.

Is gyan and vigyan the same? Or in simpler words education and knowledge comparable? If they are than why vigyan is evolving and not fixed with its finding. Gyan is like water in the sea- stationery, while vigyan like river moves around different territories to join the sea in the end- as ultimate truth. When education is a source to get acquaint with knowledge than why it becomes paramount while judging others?

Might be this is how the world moves & would move, but what can an informed fool do? Either he could sit back, follow the fool chakra, & continue getting fool or he could take a stand of not getting fooled in future. Quite interestingly, its all completely black and white i.e. either you are a party to being fooled or you aren’t with nothing left to be grey. So will I, even after knowing that all this years I have been made a fool, continue to be made a fool remains a question? To jump out from this chakravyuh you not only need skill-set of Arjuna but also mentor-ship of Krishna.

You may find that I have gone mad & writing this absurd post- but wait, if that has been your learning than you are still entangled in the chakravyuh. There’s a lot to know in this world, a lot to learn and more to unlearn. 

Will be back again!

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