Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Those 10 minutes… Story of my operation

Second half of the story…

Ropar till Sri Vivekananda Polyclinic, Lucknow

Ropar, is a district in Punjab but to my surprise it has no medicinal help available. When I reached there along with my warden and roommate we found that all the diagnostic centers are closed as it was Sunday ( diagnostic people there thinks that Sunday is a holiday time for diseases too). God came to my rescue, as we were searching the city we happen to came across a diagnostic center which remains open for 24 hours.

The doctor there was a good man, after giving me shock of my life that I am having Appendicitis and that too its on the acute stage( acute stage is the last stage) which needed an urgent surgery he asked me for the evening tea. Twist in the tail was waiting for me, when I told him that my my exams are going to start just after a week and I can’t miss them so I need an alternative to surgery. He recommended me to Sangha Hospital, Ropar and asked me to consult the doctor there. I must tell you alternatives are never good to be taken and I was going to learn it in a moment. Dr. there told me as my diseases was in the last stage so surgery is must but surgery can be extended for at most 6 weeks. He told me that for 5 days continuously I would be given 7 injections each in a day. 

Oh my God, Injections… and that too 7 a day for 5 days… I started calculating it and found that in all I would be given 35 injections… I started remembering my good childhood days when I used to run away from injection. Well I thought in my whole life combined I would have not got 35 injections and this Dr. wants me to take them in just 5 days… has he gone out of his mind… or I am suffering from cancer or what…?? I asked several time that was there any other way but my warden and Dr. forced me too took the dose.

2nd day of taking injections… My college

I bought all the injections as I thought it would be easy for me to get all the doses there in my college itself. We have a very strange type of Dr. in our college for the night shift. He is quite old and got retired from the army back in 80’s. Like other old people he too has this peculiar habit of making the patients listen to his glorious past for hours and show some sort of gratitude to him. He was all praise to him and told me how he did surgery in the army without anesthesia. And in all this he happen to forgot that I am not taking the injections directly but through drips. To my surprise he injected the injection directly in the pipe of the drip and not in its nozzle. It was hell loose then, It was paining like hell and it also exposed my drip to the air. I thought of shouting at him and complaining the principal about the state of medical neglect in our college. But his old age made me feel pity for him and so I remained quite.

Next day I made up my mind to leave the hostel and go to Chandigarh for the better healthcare. I lived there with my elder brother family. He is not my elder brother by blood and we know each other just for the 2 years now. But then too he and his family allowed me to live with them. And not only allowed me to live with them but also took care of all my needs. He is a thorough gentleman. His family made me feel like home. I won’t be able to pay their debts in my complete lifetime. 

I got all the required treatment there in Chandigarh. Bhaiya and his family made me to regain my lost confidence and also lowered down the state of trauma and pressure through which I was undergoing back in my college due to college doctor’s. I gave my semester exams with ease though the subjects were really tough.

So this was the story till Ropar, Punjab… I boarded train to Lucknow along with my father who came to take care and accompany me in the journey. My father took me to Sri Vivekananda Polyclinic, Lucknow and consulted Dr. K.B.Jain the very next day we reached Lucknow.

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  1. quite scary...i ws full imagining evrything happened to u... :(

  2. Heeeheeee :D why are you sooo scared of a shot??? :P it sounds funny, you aren't a child anymore :)

  3. TGITRC: You here???? I'm feeing shy...! Look at the English and the level of grammar.. uhh.. It makes me feel better when I compare the level with my latest posts. I have improved a lot.

    And, yeah just like a small kid I fear of syringes and their pinching effect.

  4. Heeehee :D stop being soo childish and feeling shy, i am not invading your private space?! :P

  5. Tanvi: Bloggers don't have any private life...:P